A European philanthropic funders network, have announced the release of a guide for grantmakers detailing how incorporating a climate justice lens is vital to addressing climate change.

Sponsored by the William and Flora Hewlett and Oak foundations, the guide, Centering Equity and Justice in Climate Philanthropy, details ways in which the climate crisis disproportionately affects marginalized communities that are the least resourced and most historically excluded, as well as common barriers to incorporating climate justice into grantmaking portfolios, how foundations are integrating climate justice into their work, and the critical role of intermediary organizations. According to the guide, data from the ClimateWorks Foundation indicates that less than 2 percent of global giving in 2019 was allocated to climate change mitigation.

Janet Camarena, senior director of learning experience at Candid said, “The pandemic has illustrated all too well the connection between inequality and negative outcomes for the most vulnerable,” said . “It has also shown us that, when pressed, philanthropy can meet the moment to address new and evolving needs. We’ve learned important lessons for how philanthropy can address the most pressing issues of our time, especially climate. This guide provides a playbook to help funders prepare for its impact on the communities we support.”

Based on recommendations from frontline organizations and climate justice funders, the guide also details opportunities for philanthropy to boost its support of climate justice, including directing more resources to the Global South (i.e., organizations outside of Europe and the United States) and to under-resourced communities in the Global North; engaging in peer organizing and collective funder action; incorporating intermediary organizations; making long-term investments, with an emphasis on core support; supporting organizing and movement building efforts; and engaging grantee partners in defining what “impact” looks like in their communities.

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