The Habitats Trust is soon opening its Application Portal!

THT Grants accepts proposals for the conservation of India’s natural habitats and indigenous species of flora and fauna from all over India and does not focus on any particular geography. The proposed projects must have direct conservation benefits to threatened habitats or species.

The Grants aim to financially support holistic, innovative, and replicable conservation projects.

Grants For Organisations/Individuals

  • THT Conservation Grant (₹1,00,00,000)
  • THT Action Grant (₹25,00,000)
  • THT Seed Grant (₹3,00,000)

Selection Process

THT Conservation Grant and THT Action Grant

The grant recipients are selected based on the eligibility, relevance, goals, objectives, methodology, scale, and potential impacts of the proposed project. Projects that involve lesser-known, data deficient and/or threatened, species and/or habitats shall be given priority.

The shortlisted applications will be evaluated through a selection process based on the following parameters:

  • Conservation challenge, clarity of objectives, measurable impact, innovation and strategy used, scalability, and stakeholder participation.
  • Work experience and financial & program management.
  • The Sub-Jury member(s) will visit shortlisted applicants for field evaluation at the proposed project’s sites.
  • The Sub-Jury will select finalists based on strength of proposal, strength of applicant, and field elevation scores.
  • The finalists will be invited to present their projects to the Jury for final evaluation.
  • The Jury shall select the grant recipients based on Sub-Jury evaluations and presentations made by the applicants.

THT Seed Grant

THT Seed Grant application will be evaluated based on the submitted proposal for:

  • Conservation projects that are action oriented.
  • The projects can be a component of a bigger project with independent conservation output.
  • An urgent and topical conservation intervention such as rapid assessments, development of new or testing of methodologies, protection of critical habitats from threats etc.
  • The applications will be evaluated by a review committee every month and the recipient(s) will be announced during the last week of the month.


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