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/ How can NGOs ensure that they achieve programmatic sustainability?

Below are some steps for achieving programmatic sustainability

  • Community involvement: involving the community is the key to have long term impacts from any projects. Make sure that your project involves the community at various stages, this will give them ownership of the project and there are high chances that they may continue with some project aspects even after the project duration. As the entire process will be participatory the skills and knowledge gained by the present group of people, will be transferable and also replicable.
  • Institutionalize local groups: Local groups play a very important role in maintaining your program objectives. You can strengthen local institutions like SHGs, Van Panchayats, Weavers Group, Youth Group etc. and involve them in planning and implementation phase of your project.
  • Community advocacy: Sensitizing the community about the benefits of a particular project and then initiating a policy advocacy can also ensure sustainability in the long run.
  • Involving local government and departments: Involvement of local agencies and government will ensure improved access to the government initiatives in this direction. As these agencies are permanent, they will help in sustaining the project activities beyond the project duration.

The points mentioned above can be used by you while drafting your sustainability plan for your organization or while writing the sustainability section of a project proposal.