Fundraising is one of the most important tasks for an NGO. Donors’ funding will ensure that your planned activities take place and that your organisation can pursue its main long-term goals. As such, to select the right candidates for a fundraising team is of utter importance. The main aim of this short guide is to advice NGO members on how to advertise a fundraising job vacancy, how to shortlist and select the right candidates, and how to manage the created team to improve the overall performance of the organisation.

Before looking for a new member of staff, remember that recruiting is about understanding people’s motivations. You will find the perfect match for your organisation only if you make the effort to understand what the candidates want, what their dreams are and also how your organisation could help them fulfilling their career’s expectations.

How to recruit Your Fundraising Officer

This first section will help you understanding what are the main qualities of a fundraiser, how and where you should look for a new fundraiser, how to assess potential candidates to select the right one and how to introduce the new member of staff to the activities of the organisation and its other members to enable the selected candidate to give a sound performance.

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