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Develop a financial plan outlining the various options available for expanding your resource stream. You may have to undertake proper research to understand about the various options that can be used to maintain a steady flow of funds. Also this will help you to understand your potential donors and their priority areas. Some of the options that can be used by you are:

  • Sale of product: Some of the products that your organization produces can be sold in the market. This may not be a huge amount but will help you to continue your efforts.
  • Diversifying donors: Look at various options through which you can get dome funding, this includes from corporate houses, local institutions, individuals etc.
  • Service Fee: Once the funding comes to an end you can start charging a nominal fees from the target beneficiaries for the maintenance and functioning of your project.
  • Membership fees: you can charge annual fee from all your members, this may be a small amount but can help you in continuing some of the project activities.
  • Online Fundraising: Online fundraising can help you reach a wide audience and individuals who like your project can fund you.
  • In Kind donations: Do not just look at financial support from agencies as in-kind support can also help you in sustaining some of your project activities.