In focus: Women in Afghanistan one year after the Taliban takeover​

Decades of progress on gender equality and women’s rights have been wiped out in mere months. We must continue to act together, united in our insistence on guarantees of respect for the full spectrum of women’s rights.”

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Stripped of their rights, under constant threat of violence, Afghan women and girls are relentlessly carrying on with their lives. For some, that means forming new civil society groups to address community needs; for others, it means re-opening their businesses and going back to work. For all, it is an act of unseen, unheard bravery.

One year after the takeover, we’re sharing stories of women in Afghanistan today, written in their own words. These mostly anonymous first-hand accounts capture the fear, anger, and profound sense of loss that pervade the daily lives of Afghan women—as well as the resilience with which they continue to live them.


  • Crisis response and recovery
  • Gender discrimination
  • Gender equality and inequality
  • Fundamental freedoms
  • Gender power relations
  • Women’s rights
  • Education
  • Ending violence against women and girls
  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • Human rights
  • Humanitarian action
  • Leadership and political participation

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