After weeks of leaks, the Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headset has been officially announced. Meta says that the Quest 3 headset will begin shipping out this fall and that the new hardware features higher resolution, stronger performance, and a slimmer design. The price for the 128GB version of the headset will start at $500 and more details will be shared at Meta Connect on September 27.

Meta says that the Quest 3 has its highest resolution display yet, and pancake optics are used to increase the quality of images. A next-generation Snapdragon chipset powers the gear and Meta claims that it delivers more than twice the graphical performance as the previous generation Snapdragon GPU inside of the Quest 2.

The controllers have also received a redesign and have dropped the outer tracking rings. Hand tracking will be supported out of the box and the controllers have new haptic feedback features.

The Quest 3 will also be compatible with the hundreds of games in the Quest 2 library, but its predecessor won't be left behind for now. After it was increased several months ago, the price of The Quest 2 will be reverting back to its original MSRP of $300 for the 128GB version and $350 for the 256GB version. This is good news for Quest 3 owners, as support for the original Quest headset ended very quickly after the arrival of the Quest 2.

An upcoming patch for the Quest 2 will see significant CPU and GPU performance increases, which should allow for smoother and more responsive gameplay. As for the upcoming games that'll be available on the Quest 3 and Quest 2, you'll be able to see a number of games in development for the systems in today's Meta Quest Games Showcase.

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