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Used Vehicles

The export of used light duty vehicles (LDVs) has increased significantly. In 2015, 3.4 million used LDVs were exported globally, by 2019 this had increased to 4.8 million. Most likely due to the covid-19 pandemic, there was a reduction of used LDVs in 2020 to 4 million.

This report gives updated and new information to the 2020 UNEP report, “Global Overview on Used Light Duty Vehicles: Flows, Scale, and Regulations”. The paper includes:

  • An additional major exporter of used LDVs, the Republic of Korea (ROK). This is in addition to the three previously reviewed exporters – the United States of America (USA), European Union (EU) and Japan.

  • Two more years of data from all the four major exporters has been included in the analysis. The report thus includes new used LDVs data covering the period from 2015 to 2020 across 208 importing countries from seven regions globally.

  • An update of the regulatory environment for 146 developing and transitional countries in 2021, using the UNEP ranking.

  • Progress made in Africa to advance used LDVs regulations.