Problems in Writing Proposals

The following are the common problems we face while trying to write a proposal:

Confused about the format?

There are as many proposal formats as there are a number of donors and each donor as a different format. Although the basic information requested by various donors is generally the same, yet we often encounter snags that make the entire process confusing.

Planning problems?

Although a good idea exists, yet when we try to plan it out extensively, we face many unexpected challenges.

Fear of proposal rejections?

No matter how much of an expert we are in writing proposals, the underlying fear of proposal rejection hovers over us while writing it.

Tight deadlines?

This is perhaps the most universal problem for all proposal writers. For some reason or the other, we are expected to complete working proposals under very tight deadlines.

Solicited and unsolicited proposal?

Solicited and unsolicited proposals are quite confusing. Many NGOs work hard and submit proposals to donors, but soon they get a letter saying that they had never asked them to send.

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