Below are the steps you need to take if you think you have come across a scam.

Never Ever respond back to a Scam email

As fraudsters send millions of email messages, they want to make sure if the email addresses they are sending to are real and active. If you respond back even with a “No”, it is evidence enough for them to target you again, another day with a different type of scheme. So, NEVER respond to a scam email. Just delete it.

Report to the Agency whose identity has been misused

If a renowned donor agency’s name or logo has been used by the fraudster in the online scam, then you can quickly contact that agency via its website and inform them. They will not only clarify about the scam but can take legal action against the fraudster. You can also report to fundsforNGOs about any fraud involving our brand name and/or logo

Never Pay Money because the Fraudster is offering a Grant Opportunity

As mentioned earlier, no donor agency will ask money from you against a promised grant. So even if you have responded back to the fraudster, and if he asks for money, then immediately stop your communication with him.

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