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  1. TeeGee

    What's your favorite soul game?

    I like to play soul games a lot and I think soul games is among my favourite genre of video games aside shooter game, adventure and survival Games. My favourite soul games would be - Blood borne - Elden ring - Dark souls - hollow knights What are you favorite soul games.
  2. TeeGee

    What are you listening to currently?

    I am a music lover and like to listen to a good song during the day or at night when I am working or about to sleep. Music is among the various art forms I appreciate so much. Today I have been been listening to sounds from around the world and my particular interest today is from the multi...
  3. TeeGee

    Do you experience mood swings?

    I don't know if there is any explanation for the unintended change of mood I have sometimes. I just change from my happy self and just feel like been alone for a while. It doesn't happen regularly though. Mood swings can be triggered by an event or some other factor and sometimes we have little...
  4. TeeGee

    What's the last game you played?

    As much I love music , outdoor activities and interaction I am also a videogame lover. I currently have two consoles which is the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo switch OLED version which I play videogames on Virtually every day. Today I played and completed The Last Of Us Part 2 for the second...
  5. TeeGee

    Indoor or outdoor exercises?

    This two forms of exercises has really tremendous benefits to our health and any of them done on a regular basis can boost your immune system and help you stay fit. Outdoor exercises can include running or jogging, cycling , hiking , yoga , swimming and many more. Indoors exercises may also...
  6. TeeGee

    Dangers of dehydration

    In my earliest days I didn't pay much attention to how much water I drink as long as there is one available when I get thirsty. In recent times when I started getting more aware about the harmful effect of dehydration to my body and it's metabolic activities I have taken it upon myself to always...