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one of the most thoughts that keeps bothering me every time i think about is dream. i always wonder why we can't choose or control dream, and why isn't there any way to create our own world in our dream in order to visite it every night. as our subconscious mind is the main controller of most part of our dream , add to that emotions and desires that aren't within our conscious control, this questions can't even be realistic. but this doesn't prevent me to use my imagination and create whatever i want by my own way. so what i keep asking myself is if our imagination can influence our dream in order to dream what we usually imagine ?
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It's normal to have questions and wonder about the phenomenon of dreaming. Dreaming is a complex process that involves various aspects of our subconscious mind, emotions, memories, and experiences. While we can't fully control our dreams, there are some techniques we can use to influence or guide them.

One technique is called "lucid dreaming," where a person becomes aware that they are dreaming and can then control some aspects of the dream. Another technique is dream journaling, where you write down your dreams immediately upon waking up, as this can help you remember your dreams and potentially begin to notice patterns that can help you understand them better.

In terms of imagination influencing our dreams, there is some research to suggest that our thoughts and emotions during the day can affect the content of our dreams. For instance, if you often think about going on a tropical vacation, it's possible that you may dream of being on a beach or swimming in the ocean.

At the end of the day, dreaming is a complex and often mysterious process, and there is still much that researchers don't fully understand about it. But you can always use your imagination and creativity to explore the possibilities within your dream world.
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