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I was scanning through my Timeline on Twitter few days ago when I came across a thread speaking in strong terms against the existence of depression. To the content creator, depression doesn't exist and can be tagged along the line when people fail to keep fit, make more friends or do what makes them happy.

I read that as one of the most shocking assertions anyone can make on depression. So, I would like to read what you think about the subject,'Depression'? Does it exist?
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Depression absolutely exists, and the stigma behind mental health is atrocious. Your brain literally controls every aspect of your body, and it can definitely be ill. My poor wife suffers from bad depression, and is currently going through a rough spot right now with it. I often worry about her, and do the best I can to help her cope with it. I have depression as well too, but not to the extent she has it. Just recently Naomi Judd took her own life, she was battling depression all her life. It's real, even if you can't feel it or may not experience it.
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